Ultimate profits is a tipping service from the Probetting Club. It is a backing service that is based on hunting out big priced winners in the UK markets and operates all year round on all 3 codes namely Flat Turf, All Weather and the National Hunt. The system costs £59 per month or there is a reduction to £49 per month if paying quarterly. Addtionally a Betfair account is required as all the action takes place on this site.

Since its inception in September 2013 the service claims to have had 10 winning months and 3 losing months to date. However that bald statistic somewhat disguises the staggering claim of some 2,252points profit at advised stakes. This system will not be for everyone as there are some fairly long losing runs but equally these are offset by some rather large returns.

Users log in everyday to the site and via password provided download the daily selections. The quantity of these selections varies between 10 and up to 40 on busy days. There is one simple filter that all selections must pass to qualify as a bet and the user either can sit in front of the computer through the racing day or use a bot.The system comes with the instructions on settings to enable the selections to run on Bet Engine.

So for those people who have a VPS system running then it’s a simple load onto Bet Engine and get on with your life. In fact given the losing runs and advised staking plan this is probably the best solution as it would I think be possible to panic at times and skip qualifying selections. Trust in the in daily selections is paramount. However Probetting Club is well run and having trialled two other services I would be confident in their claims for Ultimate Profits.

I started receiving selections on 18th September and set myself a 300 point bank with the intention of following the advised staking plan as opposed to the more cautious level stakes system. In my case I am using a paper betting bank of £600 /£2 per point as many potential users may find £10 per point and the £3000 bank a stretch.


The system during the 13 week trial which ran from the Flat season through the transition into the NH and AW season ,which for many systems is fraught with losses, produced a profit of £456.31. This was a gain of some 76% on our starting bank of £600 – although one needs to take out 3 months of subscriptions and the recommended Bet Engine fees.This would reduce the profit down to some £300 but even then we are still left looking at a gain of 50%. If operated with Bet Engine there is very little effort required by the user to generate these returns.

This a system has produced a handsome return on the initial investment of £600 and if the betting bank were allowed to build up the the fees would then assume a smaller portion of the profits.I have no hesitation in recommending the Ultimate Profits system as a Pass.Approved2

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