From the Betting Gods stable comes a horse racing tipster with a twist: the selections are from across the pond!

Emails are arrive at breakfast time, which is around midnight Eastern time, Wednesdays through to Sundays. They contain the selections, a stake plan, target odds and recommended bookies. There is also a writeup to justify the selection. Don’t worry the tipster uses east America racetracks, so racing concludes at a reasonable time if you want to follow these live.

Results were recorded using the advised prices. Use of the exchange was a non-starter as neither Betfair nor Betdaq offered markets for most of the venues.

Things were going along very nicely but has hit the skids the last few weeks. This may be weather related.

With -23.68 points, -£236 to our £10 per point standard, before £20.99 per month subscription, I am going to classify this service a neutral in the hopes that the initial performance is more representative than the final few weeks.

The service does seem to get quite a few placed horses. I didn’t record each-way results but each-way betting on the higher odds selections could improve overall performance.

More info here.