First of all, my apologies for the delay in publishing results for the new run of the Value 4 Racing service. It’s been a mad week and although I’ve been following the selections since Monday I never actually got round to putting them up here! ūüôā

Before I cover the last few day’s results, I would like¬†to go over the approach that I’ll be adopting for this trial, which differs somewhat from my initial test run¬†of Value 4 Racing. First of all I’ll be testing the selections on an “investment” bank of ¬£1000 (as before), effectively splitting the bank across the 4 systems which means a starting pot of ¬£250/system. Secondly, I’m going to be trialling the two “odds on” systems to level stakes of ¬£100 as a separate test, as this is something that is recommeded for level stakes betting in the daily email for these two systems. I will allocate a starting bank of ¬£2000 per system for this, but obviously this can be higher or lower in practice depending upon individual circumstances and needs.

I also want to mention the betting approach that I will be using. In my earlier trial I simply used morning Betfair prices to get the win/place odds for the various selections, and then deducted 5% commission¬†from any winnings. This was OK, but I was finding that the markets were rather weak at this time of the day and often didn’t reflect the typical odds that could have been obtained once the market strenghened. The other problem was that I would have liked to have covered results every day, but I simply couldn’t access Betfair on some days due to other commitments. To get around this I’ve come up with a solution – I’m going to base all results on Tote odds! This actually has several advantages:

1. The Tote offers odds for both win and place markets – perfect for Value 4 Racing selections.

2. Everyone following the trial will get the same odds, removing the lottery effect of when Betfair is checked.

3. Results are fully checkable after the event, as they can be searched from the Racing Post site. This means it’s possible to blog results even for days when the PC couldn’t be accessed.

4. No need to worry about deducting commission from winnings.

5. As Tote odds will be slightly lower than Betfair prices, it will really put these selctions to the test. If the trial works out well then at least people will know that even better results could be achieved on Betfair!

6. Quite a lot of people still prefer to use traditional bookmakers and avoid the exchanges altogether, and so the results of the Tote will be more relevant.

Now onto the last 3 day’s results.

Monday 5/11/07

System 6 (win market):

2:00 PLUMPTON Ocean Du Moulin £2.50 @ 1.20, profit = £0.50

4T System (place market): No selections

Odds On System 1 (win market): No selections

Odds On System 2 (win market) : No selections


Tuesday 6/11/07

System 6 (win market): No selections

4T System (place market): No selections

Odds On System 1:

1:30 LINGFIELD Dhhamaan £2.50 LOST

1:30 LINGFIELD Dhhamaan £100 LOST 

Odds On System 2: No selections


Wednesday 7/11/07

System 6 (win market):

3:15 HUNTINGDON Burntoakboy £2.52 LOST

4T System (place market):

1:00 HUNTINGDON Donatessa  £2.50 @ 1.1, profit = £0.25

7:20 KEMPTON Points Of View £2.50 @ 1.3, profit = £0.75

Odds On System 1: No selections

Odds On System 2: No selections


Current Betting Banks:

System 6: £249.98

4T System: £251.00

Odds On System 1: £247.50

Odds On System 2: £250.00

Total: £998.48

Odds On System 1 Level Stakes: £1900

Odds On System 2 Level Stakes: £2000