For the next month or so I’m going to be trialling a service from our very own André Barber called “Value 4 Racing”. This is a tipster service where selections are emailed to subscribers each morning well in advance of the day’s racing.

The service is based around 4 different backing systems, with the daily email giving selctions for each system. Some days there can be no selections for a given system, other days there may be several.

New subscribers to the service are provided with a Joining Pack which outlines the “investment” philosophy of the service, and a staking plan is provided that is applied to each system.

The 4 systems covered by the service are as follows:

System 6 (win back bets only)

CMR System (place back bets only)

Drop System (place back bets only)

4T System (place back bets only)

There is also a “bonus” system included in the service called “Winning Donkeys”. The idea behind this is to select generally unfancied horses to win. As this is not part of the core systems I will not be reporting on the results of this.

André recommends a starting bank of at least £250 per system (giving an overall starting bank of £1000), but of course this can be scaled up or down depending upon ones financial circumstances. As André rightly points out, it is not necessary to deposit the whole bank into a betting account up front so it doesn’t involve having to cough up £1000 right away. For the purposes of this trial I will be paper trading with the recommended starting bank of £1000, and report on the performance of each consituent system together with an update on the overall bank. Note that I will not be able to follow this every single consecutive day due to other commitments, but will aim to cover at least 30 full days in total for the trial. This in itself will be a good test of the long term reliability of the systems!

Although I was unable to access my PC yesterday, I’m pleased to report that we would have got off to a good winning start. System 6, Drop System and 4T System all had Deep Purple in the 4:50 at Exeter as their selection (it won), and the CMR System had Recent Times in the 2:40 at Nottingham which finished 2nd (a successful place).

I will follow the selections today and provide an update tomorrow of how things went.