I thought it time for an update on the Value Backing service.

To remind you, this service targets selections that are considered to be priced above their likely chances of winning.

This is not a bet a day service. You are only sent bets that have real value available, but you can expect big priced winners.

There will be more bets when there is quality racing available as one is then betting on better class horses.

Selections arrive by email before 11:00 am each day and are also posted in the members area.

A 50 point bank is recommended. With each selection the suggested staking is also advised along with the current price available with a “best odds guaranteed” bookmaker in the event that the price drifts (unlikely). The vast majority of stakes are 1 point win, 1/2 pt ew, 1pt ew and very occasionally 2pts win. Losing runs are to be expected as the average prices are around the 5/1 to 20/1 mark but overtime the results have shown a healthy return on investment.

Carl Nicholson has a degree in maths and computer science from Harvard University. He got his early racing experience working as an understudy to a professional race reader for the Daily Racing Form during the holidays covering numerous race tracks in the USA.

In 2005 Carl developed his own Neural Network system to analyze horse racing. Since then he has used his skills and knowledge as a race reader along with his computer science skills to make a professional living from horse racing back in the UK.

Carl reckons that if you can discipline yourself to back only the right type of horse at the right time you will greatly improve your chance of succeeding at this difficult game.

We did a 90 day trial of the service from July to October during which there were 34 betting days and a profit of 9.78 points. The cost of the subscription meant that, using £10 stakes, we drew about even and so awarded the service a Neutral rating although saying that over a longer period, with the reduced subscription price, this could well be a profitable service.

I’ve continued to monitor this service and am pleased to report that it’s doing very well.

The results from Feb 21st until the end of December 2012, show a profit of 79.15 points, or £791.50 to £10 stakes. I would be more than happy with 50 points a year profit from any service or system.

Obviously, betting to £25 stakes would mean a profit of £1978.75, less the subscription costs which are £99.97 for six months so a very nice profit is made.

As predicted, this isn’t a short term system and you can’t expect to make profits every week, but if you take a six month sub it’s likely you’ll do well with this. It’s runs at a relaxed pace and I’ll certainly continue to use it. I’m happy to move this system to the Approved section and will update the results in three months time.

You can try Value Backing here:



UPDATE 18th February 2015

The main Value Backing service was up 96.56 points for 2014 and is 19 points up so far this year.

They also do specific festival offers and cleaned up at Cheltenham last year with£653 profit to £10 stakes.

They had 5 winners from the four day festival priced at 50/1, 33/1, 10/1, 10/1 and 10/1.

The are running a promotion for the festival again this year where for just £20 you get all this:

– A selection in every race at the 2015 festival
– Access to all the Value Backing main service and Value Backing Extra selections from now until the festival
– Access to all the Value Backing Daily selections every day from now until the festival
– The sooner you join the more bets you get :-)
– Carl’s ante-post Cheltenham Yankee, pays £29,248 for a 50 pence eachway stake – the sooner you join the bigger the prices you can get!
– Optional – discounted ongoing membership to Value Backing

You can sign up for the Cheltenham 2015 Special here:Approved2