From the service  web-site and my review, this service has produced a profit of 66.4 pts from the period February 21st till October 17th (238 days). Over a 180 day period that would correspond to  an average profit of 51.97 pts.  The cost for six months of this service is £99.99, so at £10 per point bet, a tidy profit of £419.71 would have been made.

However over the 90 day period of this review, there has been a very modest increase in the bank of 9.78 points. The cost of the service for a 3 month period is   £89.91 (£29.97/month). Placing £10 a point, then my profit would have been only £7.89.  I am consequently giving this service a Neutral rating.

The range of the  bank  (start of 50 pts) over the review  was 42.75 pts  at its lowest to 64.78 pts at its highest.  So the bank was always safe. There were only 34 betting days.

I believe this service may well offer profitability over a six month period given the reduced cost of subscription, but the results of this 90 day review only permits me to grant a Neutral rating.


Here are the 90 days’ results:

Number of days of review 90

Number of betting days 34

Number of profitable months  2 from 3

Return on 3rd 30 day period + 9.50 pts

Return on 2nd 30 day period  -4.47 pts

Return on 1st 30 day period   +4.75  pts


Starting bank         50 pts

Highest bank        64.78  pts

Lowest bank         42.75 pts

Current bank          59.78 pts

Running P/L        + 9.78  pts

Return on bank   +19.56 %

Total time investment for 90 days = 170 mins

Average return on time for 90 days  =  +0.058 pts/min

(Time calculations assume an average time of 5 mins to place, record bets and results for each betting day).

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