As the name suggests, Value Favs seeks to find value from short priced favourites.  Value Favs started in 2015 and has peformed consistently since then, according to its own results, gaining over 300 points and experiencing only 4 losing months out of 21. Tips usually arrive by 10.30 am and all are level stakes with a 2 point win recommended. The service averages around 50-60 bets a month at odds between 1.50 to 4.50, at an average of 2.6.  Over the course of the trial the service averaged a 41% strike rate. After 209 bets we have finished £73.10 up, but the subscription needs to be subtracted from this. This total is somewhat disappointing, although I was often only able to place bets in the afternoon and therefore I may have been able to double this figure had I been able to place bets in the morning.

Despite the modest results, there is a lot to like about this service. The tips always arrive on time and there are rarely more than 3-4, so it is a simple service to follow. Furthermore, with its 41% strike rate, is also good if you like lots of winners and find long losing streaks difficult to deal with. Therefore, another advantage of subscribing to this service is that it should cause you a minimum of stress. The longest losing run was 12, with the next being 8. Value Favs is reasonably priced at £19.95 per month or £39.95 for three months, and there is a lifelong membership option available

In conclusion, I would recommend this service to those who don’t like too many thrills and spills, are patient and are prepared for the long run. Value Favs has been reviewed several times previously by other reputable websites, and all have remarked on its consistency and reliability. I think that the best way to use this service is to reinvest your winnings and gradually raise your stakes, a strategy that could prove very profitable after a year or so. I am going to keep an eye on Value Favs and will report back after a month or two.

You can try Value Favs HERE

Update May 2018

We tested and approved Value Favs last year so it’s time for an update on how it’s performed since our review.

It has continued to provide a modest profit, netting 42.65 points since October last year, which is £853 at £20 stakes.

The overall long term monthly average profit with this service is 14.11 points, or £282 profit per month, so the last six months has been down at £121 per month, however the service cost is also relatively modest compared with similar services, at just £19.95 per month with a £4.99 trial period for the first month.

I’m happy to keep this in the approved services list as even at the lower returns we’ve had over the last seven months it’s still provides over £100 a month net profit after fees and we should see this increasing in line with historic performance.

You can try Value Favs for £4.99 here.