This service is a spun-off sister service to the excellent Goal Profits.

Where the original G.P. deals solely with in play trading, Value Football Bets is more about outright betting. I think the following extract from the e-book sets out the approach better than I could:

“As we all know, the way to profit from football betting is to only ever bet with value on your side. Sounds simple, but this is not as easy as it may seem. The bookmakers certainly do a great job at setting their odds but we have one big advantage.
The number of bookmakers in each market is growing so that means competition is on the rise. The bookmakers must therefore trim their margins to the very limit to attract customers and this means we are getting better odds.
With the database we have built we are able to set our own odds for every game in a number of markets with relative accuracy and check them against the market odds in order to find that elusive value that we are all searching for.”

The service is operated by Kevin Laverick, an extremely successful trader/punter who decided to get involved with a service after running into the dreaded Betfair premium charges. This isn’t one of those publicity tricks saying “The man the bookies fear…” type cons, Kevin has more than proved his abilities in the GP Chatroom and with his brilliant trading books that are available for members to download.

It’s going to be a bit of a tricky one for me to review as it comprises (at least) three different angles to this.

There’s a members forum where Kevin posts his own personal picks. These usually appear the night before games and are straight bets and vary across a wide range of markets. There are also many threads started by members kicking around ideas for different betting approaches. Both Kevin and Steve (Goal Profit owner) do get involved in debates.

Then there’s a Chatroom, where Kevin and other members can discuss games in progress and mull over ideas. Kevin is in there at least a few times a week, even when he isn’t there are plenty of knowledgeable members about.

Finally, there’s the all imports Value Bets sheets. You have a daily page showing all the games scheduled to be played. Each game is evaluated and “True” prices are given for just about every market you can think of. These are then compared to the price currently available on Betfair (the prices are updated during the day, so stay valid) and a plus or minus percentage is calculated for the difference. There’s an almost bewildering amount of information to take in. Thankfully the e-book supplied guides you through all the colour coding used and explains clearly why you should solely be guided by the value difference. It helps you decide just which bets represents true value by being both likely to win and at a price that means we’re on the right side of the book.

I said “At Least” three because there’s also plenty of advice on how to place these bets, with some being set and forget types and some having the option to manipulate in play.

The reason it’ll be tricky to review is that I can (and will) record all bets given by Kevin on the forum. Those are available for all members to see and are clear statements that you should Back/Lay the selection at a certain price. No problem with doing that whatsoever.

The problem, from a reviewer’s point of view, is with the other two parts. The Chatroom part is always going to be hard to review as I may not be in there when Kevin advises bets, or I may be in there at a quiet period and receive a tip that others miss.

The Value Bets sheets is tricky because they rely entirely on the individuals opinion guided by the e-book. I could decide something looks a decent bet where 10 other people think it looks iffy. I could make a fortune through it while others struggle, or vice versa.

So, I’m going to do my usual spreadsheet based review covering the bets Kevin gives on the forum as they are a matter of fact and not open to individual interpretation. The other parts can only really be opinion type reviews based on my own use of the sheets following the guidelines in the ebook.

Seems the most fair and open way.

I’m excited to get going with this as I’ve been extremely impressed with everything Kevin has contributed to Goal Profits.

There should be some bets available for Friday, so I’ll be back next week with my first update.

You can try Value Football Betting here: