As I have said on pretty much every update, this is a really good service that is being shown in a poor light because the one area that I can record 100% factually is having a poor run. I’ve decided to change the way I’m going to test this.

I don’t like running a trial where I make all the decisions as I feel my experience as a long term bettor/trader will probably skew results into looking better than a less experienced customer could expect to achieve. So I’m much happier recording results that are either factually given or selected by following some instructions which would lead me to find the same games as a new customer.

With that in mind, I’m very happy to say that Steve from Goal Profits (the sister site to VFB) has made three videos showing exactly how he went through his selection process from the Daily Best Bets given in the members area.

I think that if you watch the videos and join Value Football Bets, put either Steve or Kevin’s methods into practice, there’s a very good chance that we’d all come up with very similar selections.

So I’m going to put all three videos on here, so you can all see how good a method this is and I’m going to restart the trial using selections I make myself using the info in these videos and the instructions in the Member’s Area of the site. This is my decision and not the service asking me to make changes. If I didn’t believe in this service, I’d just let the trial ride and Fail it after three months. I do believe in it, so I’m going to give it a proper crack of the whip.