A quick follow on from yesterday’s update. Kevin has announced that he will be starting a new challenge from 1st April.

His plan is to start with £1000 and bet/trade it up to £30,000.

Sounds a huge task but his plan is a long term one and is very doable if you break it down.

Using £10 stakes from the initial £1000 bank, his aim is to average out around 10 points profit a month and recalculate stakes to 1pt at the start of each month.

If he meets that, fairly modest, target of 10 points a month he will be on track to hit £30,000 in 3 years. He then intends to start again and try to repeat it.

Obviously, you don’t need to start with £1000, you could use any amount you are willing to set aside and divide that into 100 points to get your initial stake.

The plan is to email selections daily and advise of any live in-play trade via Twitter for speed and ease.

Sounds a potentially very exciting ride.

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