This is the first update for VFB since I changed the way I’m going to trial it.

I have been making my own selections using the Daily Best Bets area of the Members Area, and trying to stick to how they do it in the tutorial videos that I posted here last week.

I’ve had mixed results so far but I am starting to get the hang of it now. I keep ending up level for the day at the moment, which I’m not at all upset about as I’m not losing. I can’t seem to get a break on the bigger prices Half Time Winner selections but I’m doing well enough on the Over 2.5 and BTTS selections to cover those losses.

I’m 1.5 points up since I started mid last week and have been getting so close to decent wins that it’s a bit frustrating at the moment. But I am definitely improving and am confident I’ll get there.

With regards to the £30K challenge, it has started off very well. A week in and it’s just over 5 points up. Given that Kevin only needs to average 10 points a month to hit the target, this is a very decent start. Especially when the staking has been so cautious. Most bets so far have been for between 0.3 and 0.5 of a point.

It hasn’t been as “Set and Forget” type betting as I thought it would be, so far. The usual routine has been for bets to be given pre match with a price stated that you will need to set to “Keep” so that it goes in-play without fear for being cancelled. The instructions are that if the bet is not matched by 15 mins in, cancel it. Also cancel if a goal is scored before you were matched.

Other in-play bets have been given in the Chatroom, and some have been advised via Twitter. You are told in advance which way the bets will be given, so you will be able to track these without having to jump about too much. To avoid the danger of all-and-sundry Twitter users jumping on selections and ruining our price advantage, the selected games are designated a code number. So a Tweet will be sent saying something like “Game ABC1, Back Over 2.5 @ 2.30”.  Quite a nifty way of keeping it secure.

So, I’m still very keen on this service. I’m certain others and getting better results out of Daily Best Bets that I am currently achieving, but I’m getting there and am equally certain that I’ll be catching up soon.