As you may know, Goal Profits has seen remarkable growth over the past three-and-a-bit years. The Team Statistics software has had a significant impact on the football trading world, changing the way that many research and trade matches.

During 2014 they introduced a series of “Masterclass” eBooks. These were written by Kevin Laverick and are aimed at those who wish to take their trading much more seriously. Feedback from members has been incredible, further cementing the trust of the Goal Profits brand.

In case you don’t know of Kevin, he is quite simply a genius trader. When he first started trading he lost £40,000 (ouch!) but changed his approach to trading, won that back and went on to hit Betfair’s Premium Charge (ouch again!). Kevin began trading on January 1st 2014 with a new Betfair bank of £100 and, using nothing but the Team Stats software and his experience, has turned it into £37,000 – and that’s not a typo!

Kevin is all about value. His Masterclass trading systems are based around the concept of exploiting value and he has now brought that to the betting market with Value Football Betting.

VFB works as follows; they have built a ten year database and then applied an algorithm which rates teams. From the team ratings they are able to calculate “fair odds” for upcoming fixtures in 17 leagues worldwide. The software then imports Betfair prices and calculates where the value lies for ten different bets.

As an example, there was one fixture with two green teams (that denotes that we have plenty of data for them both) and within that fixture, six bets showed value. The idea is to pick out the best value or risk/reward and go with that as the bet, but in this case five of the six were winners so it would have been tough to miss one! There are lots of tools to assist with decision making including recent form, league tables, etc.

Ok so that’s all very straight forward, but we know that there are plenty of lazy punters out there who simply won’t put any effort in. Don’t worry though, they have that covered. Kevin posts his own selections in the members forum regularly so members are able to place his bets and walk away. These bets made 26pts profit in November which was a fantastic first month.

And on top of that, there is a chat room for members. Kevin runs “New Trader Project” sessions twice per week for any members who wish to join in. They are a lot of fun and very educational; members learn a terrific amount by following a trader of Kevin’s quality in a live environment.

So that’s Value Football Betting, a very exciting new offering which is already attracting massive interest. It especially appeals to those who don’t have time to trade so simply want to “set and forget”.

• Ten year database which automatically identifies value bets
• Kevin Laverick’s personal selections
• Kevin’s “New Trader Project” chat room sessions twice weekly

We will be running our usual full review of this service, and over the next week or two you are going to see a lot of emails flying around and reviews starting up as word gets out. Here is your opportunity to get ahead of the game and get in before anyone else!

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