This is a horse tipping service brought to you from the chaps over at Betting Automation whose other main product is the excellent Racing Synergy software.

If you are not already familiar with Racing Synergy, it is a software based on Neil Smith’s original Value Horse Method, produced back in 2004. I’ve met Neil personally and can vouch for his method completely. It’s well known that you will always make a profit from racing if you bet on value selections and Neils original VHM and the following Racing Synergy software has proven that every single year since then, raking in impressive profits without fail.

So what is this new service?

Of course, it’s again rooted in betting on value selections, but concentrating on betting each way, using all the possible bookies to get the best price possible.

The core principles of value that are utilised in Racing Synergy still apply, however we can enjoy some additional benefits with this “companion” method. To begin with, we can place straight each-way bets without nearly half as many ups and downs in our betting bank compared to basic win singles betting. Secondly, we encounter considerably less problems with bookmaker restrictions and closures. You see, these value each-way bets just aren’t as obvious as their win single counterparts and so you’ll find it much easier to keep one step ahead of the bookmakers.

Whether you are already successfully betting win singles with Racing Synergy or using some other method, the Value Horse Selections Service can most definitely add another profitable dimension to your betting.

On joining the service you are given a login to a members area and a betting guide. The service runs as follows…

Between 12pm and 2pm you log in to the members area where the bets appear live. When a bet appears you use an odds comparison site to find what bookie is offering the best odds and you immediately back it each way. When the bet is given, the best available odds are listed plus the minimum odds you should take, so if the odds fall below the minimum figure given before you place your bet then it’s a no bet.

Once you’ve placed your bet you quickly go back to the members area and refresh your browser to see if any more bets have appeared, which they generally have. Often there are several bets in each race.

Advice is also given to reduce the highs and lows of value betting. Losing runs are to be expected when backing value selections so to avoid long drawdowns you have the option of laying off “between 70%-80%” of your bet on Betfair before the off.

Now, anyone that has subscribed, or is a subscriber, to Beaumonts Bets might spot some similarities here.

Well, let’s face it, it’s almost identical. The only difference being this bets between 12 and 2 instead of 10.30 to 12.30, and this bets each way instead of straight back bets. Also Paul Beaumont recommends laying off 75% (rather than “between 70%-80%”).

Anyone that uses and is happy with Beaumonts Bets, is going to be happy with this service, as they effectively do the same thing.

Results will of course vary because this is each way betting, and I will be monitoring how this service does over the next few months just doing the straight each way backing, without laying off.

Results since this service started are already impressive:


From the start of the official reporting period (June 21st) up until July 11th, we have placed 527 each way bets. These have yielded a net profit of £4465.46 to £25 e/w stakes.

You can find full details on VHSS, including the complete list of bets here (click on the VHSS tab on the site):