First of all, apologies for the delay in wrapping this one up. Lots of real world issues taking my time at the moment.

As you may well remember, this system was originally put through its paces by my colleague Jason. He encountered many problems with it and ended the trial early.

The author of the system took issue with Jason’s review, saying that it was factually incorrect as Jason had not been finding selections in the correct manner.

Graham asked me to take over the review and to see if I encountered the same problems, so that we could come to a definitive opinion.

I have now concluded my 3 month trial.

I did find that Jason had been looking in the wrong area of oddschecker for selections and that the system’s claim that selections could be found in 5 minutes was, in theory, correct.

The system requires you to go to a source website and select bets based on a rating given. You then go to oddschecker, check that the price currently available is within guidelines, then place your bets.

The huge problem is that the source website is riddled with errors. They constantly get the date of games wrong, they also often name teams differently to every other website, so it becomes a series of incredibly frustrating wild goose chases trying to figure out if you have found the right game or not.

A system I reviewed last year also used this particular website and I had exactly the same issues with it then too. That system required you to make judgements based teams’ form as given on the site, I also found that part of the site to be thoroughly unreliable.

Although Value Plus Soccer does not require you to assess the form of teams as given on the site, it’s pretty obvious that the ratings you do use to make selections have been worked out using this pretty useless (in my opinion) data.

When it comes to actual performance, we had a few problems there too. I am unable to provide my usual detailed spreadsheet as it would compromise the system’s rules as the selection method would be easily worked out.

You are given the choice of using Level Stakes, a method that works out to 2% of your bank spread across all the days bets, or you could use the 5% per bet method.

The 5% per bet method was particularly poor and, from a 200 point starting bank, it sunk to a low point of 42 points before recovering a little towards the end of the trial.

The Level Stake and the 2% Total Stake methods did better and pretty much mirrored each other. We never really attained the good run of wins that would have allowed the 2% method to break free. Both methods ended within a point or so of break even after the 3 month trial.


BETS 179  (1 games was postponed)


S/R 41.90%

LEVEL STAKES BANK  -0.23 points (Highest point +8.44, Lowest -19.96)

2% TOTAL STAKE -2.73 points (Hi point +10.01, Lo -25.71)

5% PER BET -103.16 points (Hi point +46.40, Lo -157.69)

So with figures like those and the source website being very unreliable, I’m afraid Value Plus Soccer must be filed under FAILED


You can try Value Plus Soccer here: