Value at the Races is a horse-racing backing service providing win and each way tips. These tips are believed to be over-priced horses in morning markets that go on to win or place at inflated odds. The over-price provides the value.

A 500 point starting bank is recommended. Advice on how many points to stake on each bet is provided. Usual bets will be 10 points win bets or 5 points each way bets. On an average day,  1 to 5 different bets are given.

Bets take about 5 mins to place. About another 5 mins to document. I will be using oddschecker to get the best odds available and best odds guaranteed where possible.

Tips usually arrive between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. each day. Tips are also available on a web-site.

Joining Value at the Races is currently priced at £40 a month. The gentleman providing the service calls himself Ed.

Looking at the Winning Information Network Proofing Site: the service overall is in profit +737.4 pts since proofing began on October 31st 2011. However during  the last 90 days of this trial, this service has lost 129.0 pts (25.8% of its starting bank of 500 pts) with two out of three losing months.  Value at the Races thereby receives a  FAILED rating.

Number of days of review 90

Number of betting days 85

Return on third 30 day period +7.6 pts

Return on second  30 day period   -50.7  pts

Return on first 30 day period   – 85.9  pts

Number  of winning 30 day periods  1/3

Number of losing 30 day periods 2/3


Starting bank         500 pts

Highest bank        661.5 pts

Lowest bank         254.0 pts

Current bank          371.0 pts

Running P/L        – 129.0  pts

Return on bank  -25.8 %


Total time investment for 90 days = 850 mins

Average return on time for 90 days  = -0.15 pts/min

(Time calculations assume an average time of 10mins to place and record bets for each betting day)

You can try Value At The Races here: