This is the free service provided by the Value Rater website, giving daily samples of their paid services. I have been trialing this service since April 12th. The results I give include .1 point stakes for the Lucky 15 bets in the  Four From The Top service.

The service started with a winner but it’s been a bit of a struggle since then.

-(minus) 45.08 points to quoted prices

-(minus) 53.4 points to achieved prices

-(minus) 48.22 points to BSP which obviously doesn’t include the Lucky 15s.

For around 100 bets in the review period, and a ROI of around -29%, this isn’t a service where you would blindly back all the selections, but rather one where you can get a taste of all services on offer on the Value Rater website. You can see my reviews of two of these services by clicking on the links to Four From The Top and Race Reader.

It would be churlish to fail a free service which is a taster for other services and I certainly wouldn’t discourage anyone from signing up to gain an impression of what the various services are about.

To sign up for the free Value Rater Express service, go here: Subscribe