Back in June 2013 the Value Horse Selections Service (VHSS) was launched, and since then a select group of subscribers have been pulling in a fantastic income (all tax free of course) by “working” 1-2 hours per day placing a handful of bets. By simply copying the bets that are posted to the selections page each day these users have made over TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS using £25 each-way stakes.

Now of course there are many professional bettors out there who would turn their nose up at “only” earning this amount, but for the majority of us this equates to an annual salary of around £75K (taking into account tax and other deductions).

Now I will be completely honest and admit that this is not for everyone. Betting in this is not particularly “exciting”. If you bet for a “thrill” then chances are you will not be suited to earning money in this way. However, if you are able to treat your betting as a genuine business then VHSS could well be for you. Their method takes advantage of mathematical edges in the betting markets, and 2014 will no doubt prove to be another great year for members.

You can find out more by visiting the following and clicking on the VHSS link: