Tuesday 29 October

No luck today. There was a recent comment asking that the results be reported against Betfair Starting Price (BSP). I just want to make clear that since the start of the trial all of the results have been reported against BSP. Victor does quote prices when he sends out his selections and as an example Mystery Bet was shown as 6.0 with Paddy Power. As you’ll see below the BSP was 4.1. Using the BSP provides readers with an opportunity to check results for themselves rather than rely on odds given by the system author that may not be available for that long.

13:20 Catterick: Son Du Silence: 6th at 5.52 = £-10.00
15:40 Yarmouth: Mystery Bet: 2nd at 4.1 = £-10.00
19:10 Wolverhampton: Knowe Head: 6th at 3.65 = £-10.00
17:10 Wolverhampton: Electric Qatar(EW Dble): 6th at 4.23 = £-5.00
19:10 Wolverhampton: Knowe Head(EW Dble): 6th at 3.65 = £-5.00

Daily Total: -£40.00

Running Total: £47.48