I’ve been monitoring the Victor Value Racing selections now for three months and feel it is time to publish my findings. The service itself is very straightforward with selections being emailed to members on the morning of racing. Each selection is discussed and an appropriate stake advised. Victor also provides information on which bookmaker is offering the best odds at the time the email is prepared. I think it’s fair to say (and pretty much common sense) that where possible Best Odds Guaranted (BOG) bookmakers are recommended.

During the review period there have been a couple of times where Victor has wavered a little bit in detailing how his selections are made and the type of staking to be adopted. As the service name suggests the idea is to try and find value at the odds on offer for any particular selection. This means that the strike rate will generally be on the low side as well priced winners should theoretically make up losses on the losers. To some extent this has worked, unfortunately for the review period in question there has been a fair degree of inconsistency which has meant highs and lows along the way.

With a starting bank of £1,000 at the start our result of £1,028.86 at the finish is hardly likely to set the crowds roaring. At one point the bank was up £370 and to me that was a positive sign. That was not to last though and whilst one has to accept peaks and troughs I’d like to have seen a steadier progression over the period to really convince me that Victor’s service is worth following.

He is adopting a slightly different strategy going forward that aims to provide a smaller number of selections overall that will hopefully bump up the strike rate. Together with this his staking is also increasing to £20 for a win bet and £10 each way. Only time will tell whether this makes the necessary difference.

Given that the bank did see a healthy rise during the period and drawdown wasn’t that catastrophic I’m giving the service a neutral rating as I do believe there is potential for the service if the strike rate can be improved.Neutral

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