Roughly ten years ago we reviewed and approved a horse racing tipster: Victor Value. This service looks for value at higher odds which does mean that I am expecting some longish periods of losing runs, but when the winners do come ..!

John has started a sister service, Consistent Profits (which I am also trialling), and we thought it would be an excellent opportunity to look at Victor Value again, so we are 🙂

Similar to Consistent Profits, selections are received via email or can be accessed via a web page. The selections usually come with a detailed analysis so you can understand why the horse has been selected. You simply place the bets once the email has been received.

I will be following my normal approach to trialling horse racing tipsters and that is to record results to the prices advised in the email and to BSP with 2% commission deducted on the winners. I have said before that as BOG is a bookmaker perk that I do not use this to determine whether to pass or fail a service.

You can get Victor Value here.