I have been following ViewPoint racing, a horse racing tipping service form the BetInfo24 stable that costs £21.99 per month or £51.99 quarterly. Selections are received by email the evening before, and contain the selections, advised price and staking instructions.

From the Welcome email: “We average over 13pts profit per month”, this trial ended 90.47 points up, which is £904 to the standard £10 per point, easily exceeding the stated average. Betfair was only up 30.1 (£301) points with 5% commission, so this service is best used with the Bookmakers.

There were 85 wins, that is races which returned a profit even if the horse was placed, in 292 bets for a strike rate of 29%. Average advised odds were 7.19.

Please note that totals above assume that you could get the advised odds, and I have not adjusted for BOG. In reality you’d probably get slightly reduced odds as early prices decay quite quickly.

Even when the subscription is deducted, there is a very healthy profit for this service. It is also profitable using Betfair SP so maybe of interest to folks where their Bookmaker accounts have been closed. I am, therefore, happy to approve this service.

You can get ViewPoint Racing here.