Welcome To Vyvo/InPersona

Watch the following product and business presentation to learn more about Vyvo/Inpersona/Helo.

Then choose the option under the video which suits your needs for tailored getting started videos and PDFs.

Get paid for your heartbeat! 

Getting Started

*Please ensure you have watched the presentation above before proceeding to this section.

You will need an Invitation Code to create an account so when it asks enter this:


I use an Android phone and need to buy a Helo device/ Need Android set-up guide.

I use an Apple phone and need to buy a Helo device / Need Apple set-up guide.

I have an Apple Smartwatch, I only need to bind my watch to the Inpersona App

Key Features

*Earn daily passive income by being alive and monitoring your health.

*Watches/bands only $149. Express global delivery.

*App available in 200+ countries.

*Not just excellent health data, AI feedback on your health.

*Data sold is completely anonymous.

*Paid daily over blockchain onto a company-supplied debit card.

*Apple Watch users don’t need to buy a device, simply download the app!

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