Welcome To Vyvo/InPersona

Watch the following product and business presentation to learn more about Vyvo/Inpersona/Helo.

Then choose the option under the video which suits your needs for tailored getting started videos and PDFs.

Get paid for your heartbeat! 

Getting Started

*Please ensure you have watched the presentation above before proceeding to this section.

You will need an Invitation Code to create an account. If you don’t have one, email me to request one at:

[email protected]

I use an Android phone and need to buy a Helo device/ Need Android set-up guide.

I use an Apple phone and need to buy a Helo device / Need Apple set-up guide.

I have an Apple Smartwatch, I only need to bind my watch to the Inpersona App

Key Features

*Earn daily passive income by being alive and monitoring your health.

*Watches/bands only $149. Express global delivery.

*App available in 200+ countries.

*Not just excellent health data, AI feedback on your health.

*Data sold is completely anonymous.

*Paid daily over blockchain onto a company-supplied debit card.

*Apple Watch users don’t need to buy a device, simply download the app!

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