This is a tipping service with a fully automated betting bot that instantly places the tipsters bets directly on your Betfair account while you get on with your life, so you never have to worry about missing the tips, or getting your bets on in time. It’s all done for you.

If you missed the live We Bet You Bet webinar last week, you can watch the replay below.

In it you learn:

  • Exactly how the We Bet You Bet bot works
  • Who the team of tipsters are (and let me just say, based on my experience in this industry, they really are the A team)
  • All the answers We Bet You Bet tipster Miles Tredwell gave to the audiences’ questions
  • A breakdown of exactly what’s included with We Bet You Bet membership
  • Details on how you can join the already bustling community of happy punters, should you choose to do so

This replay is only available for a day or two so if you’re interested, watch it now here