I have another new football betting service to try out and, as with Value Picks, they are offering a Free Trial you can sign up for with just your contact details.

We Bet You Win have a Free Trial that lasts until the end of August, although I will be running our review for the usual 3 month minimum.

Although the site looks similiar to Banker Bets/Value Picks, it is NOT related to them in anyway with regards to ownership, performance or betting style. They have just used the same website design company.

There were no selections for today, so if you sign up now we’ll all be a the same point and should all get roughly the same figure at the end of the month (obviously odds available at the time you look will cause a slight difference from eveyone else). As with Value Picks, I’m recommending you join the trial and NOT advising you to use real money.

You can sign up for the Free Trial Here and click the Free Trial tab at the top of the page.