Thursday 30th April

One winner today.

Whilst the FTSE100 is a bit up and down at the moment it’s worth noting that the Wealthbuilder system appears to be working very well on the other currency markets outlined in the members website.

9-11 Method.
Daily Profit:+£120
Total Profit:+£150

Stop at 24 Method Profit: £880

Combined Profit £1030

Due to the high demand for Wealthbuilder and the fact that Neil spends a lot of time answering support e-mails personally, he has decided to take it off the market for a while. I’m sure once all current users are up to speed and no longer require support, he will re-open the doors for new members. I will post an update on here when that happens and also do an update of my trading with it up to then. For now though, I will suspend my blog of Wealthbuilder as all current users do get daily updates from Neil.

Needless to say this is definitely an approved system and when it’s available again you will be able to get it here: