A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a free system called Lower Class Masters that was being given away by Lester Cavanagh. It is a jockey based system that targets jockeys that tend to do well in lower class races and stay under the radar of the bookies, thus making them good value bets.

Well today he is launching his Win Each Way system. This is a trainer based system with a particular angle that makes it rather special, as it is extremely under bet and little known to the bookies. This again makes for great value bets and getting value is the key to making long term profits from horse racing.

It takes ten minutes to find qualifying selections although Lester provides the selections for a month so you can be sure you’re getting it right.

This system has been profitable for ten years running and has had some great priced winners, including a 14/1 winner only the day before yesterday and once had a 280 winner on Betfair! Other winners have come in at 7/1, 8/1, 9/1, 12/1 twice, 16/1 and 25/1 in the last few months alone.

Lester has been sending me the selections since November and it’s made 67 points at BSP so you don’t even need to use bookies if you’re restricted (and I know a lot of my readers are now).

Also, it does well in both the win and place markets on Betfair.

I’ve found Lester to be very helpful and quick to answer e-mails too.

This system sells for a one off fee of £47 and comes with an unconditional 56 day money back guarantee, so you can try it out and see if it’s something that would suit your betting portfolio.

I am more than happy to add this system to the Approved section as it did very well during the proofing period and the ten years profitable history is nothing to be sniffed at either.

You can get the Win Each Way System here: