WinnerOdds is a value betting service for both Tennis and Soccer. It utilizes Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) developed by a Spanish engineer, professor, and bettor named Miguel Figueres. The Tennis Service has been running for almost six years (since May 2016). The Soccer Service is a recent addition (October 2021).

WinnerOdds claims a Yield above 5%, with a 4 times bankroll per month calculated over more than 40.000 verified bets.

For Tennis, the A.I. is trained with its own database of more than 1,000,000 matches, more than 50,000 tennis players analyzed, odds from 69 different bookmakers, and about 26,000,000 stored odds.

For Soccer, the A.I. is trained with its own database of more than 1,000,000 matches, more than 9.000 teams analyzed, odds from 10 different bookmakers, and about 50,000,000 stored odds.

Winnerodds has a comprehensive betting interface, which is very easy to use. It indicates which bookmakers are offering value odds and how much to stake at each one. The stake is based on both Kelly Criterion (an indicator of bet value) and one’s existing bankroll. There is also a Totalizer tool to divide easily the recommended stake across several bookmakers for higher banks or limited accounts.

One great aspect of the betting interface is that it automatically calculates bet results for you. It also updates your current bank. For the more professional orientated bettor, it provides statistical analysis too. This analysis includes odds’ ranges, calendar period, players/teams, and (currently tennis only) tournaments.

The key of WinnerOdds is the high volume of value bets (on average 10 per day). This allows one to rotate one’s entire bankroll between 3 and 4 times every month.

I will be passing a verdict on the service after 2000 bets each for both Tennis and Soccer. This should take at least six months (the usual minimum time for my reviews). Each sport will be given its own verdict as they are paid for separately, although they are accessed under the same user interface.

Winnerodds claims that profitability should be evident after 1000 bets, so I will update you on reaching that milestone as well as monthly reports. The review began on March 1st, 2022. We will see if their A.I. is sharper than the bookmaker’s tools. Their previous results suggest it is.

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