This is a horse-racing tipping service that you can subscribe for 28 days for £34.99 or 90 day option for just £69.98.

The service places bets on Lucky15 accumulators.

I was worried on my preview blog that the service could lose the bank quite quickly, I needn’t have worried; although I did have a run of 10 bets where the service did not make a profit I had very few full 15 point losses, only 12 out of the 77 bets. I count a loss as any bet where the bet returned less that £0, even if that was just by a penny. The average loss is 9.25 points.

The service closed 434 points up, winning just 3 legs can provide some very chunky returns. There were 10 bets where 3 legs won and 2 bets were all 4 legs won; so the average is a tad under a good win per week. Further, this was fairly consistent through the trial as the following chart demonstrates:

Using the cash master standard of £10 per point, this is a profit of £4,340. The suggested bank is 250 points, so you’d need a bank of £2,500 to do this.  This profit represents a growth of 174%.

However, if you use cumulative stakes, and I ratchet so never reduce the stakes during losing runs, I ended up with a bank of £10,911; that is £8,411 profit and a growth of 236%.

The downside is that is bookie based, and I do have to wonder whether your accounts would remain fully active if you started taking this sort of profit of them. Therefore, I did program my spreadsheet to follow the selections using BSP and 5% commission on winning bets. Here my £2,500 finished at £5,000; a £2,500 profit and 100% growth. Not as good, but still very handsome.

Obviously approved.

You can try Winners 15 HERE