Finally, for new trials that I am starting this week, Winners 15. There will be no BSP on this one as the bets are for Lucky15 accumulators. A 250 point bank is advised, so I will start with a £2,500 virtual bank so I can start at £10 per point, and as per usual for me I will ratchet.

The problem here is that each bet is, therefore, £15 (15 x 1 point bet) and that means staking £150 from my virtual bank. This also means that the effective bank is a tad over 16, i.e. 16 losing days will blow the bank. My first reaction is that this is very aggressive, but, if it works I will concede that I am wrong. My idea of ratchet could also be a BIG issue here, as lowering the stakes would keep me in the game longer, so I’ll start with ratchet but may adjust this during the trial.

You can subscribe for 28 days for £34.99 or 90 day option for just £69.98.

You can try Winners 15 HERE