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For the past 6 weeks I have been looking at yet another laying system – Winners To Losers.

The system comes as a protected e-Book that runs to 25 pages.  The system is fully explained, is illustrated throughout by screenshots from a typical days racing, and shows a summary of results going back to 2005. The book is free from the usual fluff that pads out so many e-Books these days.

The system conditions are remarkably easy to follow (there are only 7 rules to check) so finding out the day’s selections takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Best of all, selections can be determined without reference to the live markets, so it is possible to do the selections the night before – an absolute boon for people who have to go to work during the day.

The accompanying web site lists all of the selections going back a number of years – and it is good to see that the selections shown are exactly the same as I determined by using the rules detailed in the e-Book. Typically you can expect about 30 selections per month. The strike rate is about 90% and the average odds around 6.5 (about 7.5 during my short trial).

The staking section in the e-Book is comprehensive. Various staking strategies are detailed along with the pros and cons of each. A bank of 50 points is recommended, although it would be possible to get away with something slightly less. During the test, I used the Bank method (basically a lay liability set to a % of the initial bank) which has been shown to produce an excellent return over the past 3 years. I also kept a record of results at level stakes.

Using an initial bank of £500 and an initial lay liability of £50 (incidently, this is less than the recommended value in the e-Book), the system turned out a reasonable profit of £65.81, despite suffering a loss on the very last selection in the trial period.  At level stakes, the system returned a healthy £106.50.

Email support is provided and queries are answered very quickly and professionally.

Whilst it is always difficult to judge a system over a relatively short period of time, I am confident that the Winners To Losers system will offer a decent return over the long-term, and it is especially good to see a laying system return a profit to level stakes.

Overall, a simple but effective system that should provide an excellent addition to your lay betting portfolio.

You can get Winners To Losers here: