A new month is almost upon us, and I’m back with yet another laying system – Winners To Losers – to look at.

Winners To Losers comes as a 25 page eBook, containing easy to follow instructions.  The selection criteria are not at all onerous (there are only 7 criteria) and can be checked in 10-15 minutes using the Racing Post website (or a combination of Racing Post and At The Races, if you want to speed things up slightly).

A number of different staking plans are included. The first is level stakes (based around a 50 point betting bank), the second is fixed liability staking, and the third (favoured) plan is progressive liability staking, where your stake is a fixed liability that is adjusted on a successful bet, but stays the same on a losing bet.

For the purposes of the trial, I will be using the progressive liability plan with a starting liability of £50.

Results for Monday 28th July

No selections (a bit disappointing, given that this was the first day of the trial)