Final review

This Lucky 15 service has been doing rather well over the past year and so piqued my interest. We put this service through its paces over the past three months to advise whether you should invest. Obviously with Lucky 15s you’re usually going to need 3 of your selections to win to make a profit, at prices of around 6/1 and under. When you get four, which this service seems to have done on a regular basis, it puts you in a good situation to pay for the losing days and keep profitable.

Lucky 15s back 4 horses in singles and all combination bets. So that’s 15 bets, and whilst the service does report on £100 bets (so £1500) and £10 bets (so £150), most of you are probably in my sphere with the £1 bets (£15).

However much we are putting in to this, we want it to make a profit. Those exciting days when we get all four will be the driving force behind this. Tips arrive on the day of the bets by email and are also available in the member’s area on the website.

Last week I suggested I would continue to monitor this; however, I forgot this was a three month trial and it has now ended.

Well, it’s happened again. That’s three in a row for me now. I start to monitor a service when it’s flying high and that triggers the start of the drawdown! Is it me?

There’s no getting away from this. I like a graph as a quick overview, and this graph would tell me everything I need to know:


This shows that the trial began OK, soon into profit, and then it took a fast turn directly to the bust bank line.

During the trial there were zero four out of four winners and only four occasions of three winners. The service relies on these for its well being. Here is the chart for each of the possible five daily outcomes (number of winners out of four):


So there really is no need for any extended appraisal. At least the service did finish ahead of the bank line at -238 points thanks to 3 winners on Saturday for +69 points, so maybe now my access has come to an end it’s about to take an upturn! And remember, if the service can find a four out of four in the near future, that, on its own, can wipe out the deficit.

However, I can only place this in the FAILED category.


If you would like to give this a go, you can subscribe for 28 days for £29.99+ VAT or you can grab a BONUS MONTH FREE when choosing the 90 day option for just £59.98+ VAT.