Here’s a Lucky 15 service that has been doing rather well over the past year and so piqued my interest. We will be putting this service through its paces over the next few weeks to advise whether you should invest. Obviously with Lucky 15s you’re usually going to need 3 of your selections to win to make a profit, at prices of around 6/1 and under. When you get four, which this service seems to do on a regular basis, it puts you in a good situation to pay for the losing days and keep profitable.

Lucky 15s back 4 horses in singles and all combination bets. So that’s 15 bets, and whilst the service does report on £100 bets (so £1500) and £10 bets (so £150), most of you are probably in my sphere with the £1 bets (£15).

However much we are putting in to this, we want it to make a profit. Those exciting days when we get all four will be the driving force behind this. Let’s see how it goes.

If you want to join me on the journey, you can sign up at: