Since I finished last week at more or less break even on this trial and started afresh on Monday morning with a new £10,000 trading bank in IG Index, and a commitment to trading at £10 per pip level stakes, I’ve decided to reset the trial bank so we can see precisely what’s achievable with this service.

Of course, as seems to be the way with a lot of services that get trialled on Cash Master, we certainly know how to ‘break ’em’ don’t we?

Here’s my results for Monday and Tuesday:

Date Market Size P/L
23/09/2014 Spot FX NZD/USD 10 -£88.00
23/09/2014 EU Stocks 50 10 -£310.00
23/09/2014 Germany 30 10 -£449.00
23/09/2014 FTSE 100 10 -£326.00
23/09/2014 Daily FX Interest for 1 day NZD/USD £5.70
23/09/2014 Long Interest for 22/09/14 -£16.25
22/09/2014 US Tech 100 10 -£321.00
22/09/2014 Adjustment for dividend in  EU Stocks 50 £23.00
22/09/2014 FTSE 100 10 -£328.00
22/09/2014 US Tech 100 10 -£344.00
22/09/2014 Long Interest for 19/09/14 to 21/09/14 -£10.12


Profit: -£2,163.67
Total: -£2,163.67


Yes, I’ve lost over two grand in two days. Yes, it’s real money, and yes, it smarts a bit.

Still, I’m a big boy and I know that all forms of trading (bar one) involve risk, so I wouldn’t have traded if I weren’t prepared for a worse case scenario.

Adam is mortified. He’s decided to take a couple of days off to clear his head and have a look at what’s happened.  I suppose it’s a shock for him too, seeing as for the last few years he’s rarely had a losing week.

Has he lost his mojo?

We shall see.

Next update will probably be Thursday or Friday, depending on when Adam decides he’s ready for round two….