This is the final review and verdict for Winning Footy Tips.

To be honest, there’s not really a lot to say here.

One of the best and easiest to follow services I’ve reviewed for ages, luckily it’s one of the cheapest too. £1 for the first month, then just £17 a month. All bets are straight forward 1 point win bets, although we do get the odd double/treble recommendation if odds are on the short side.

Weekend tips usually arrive late on a Friday evening via email and get straight to the point of which bets to place and where to place them. The prices quoted have always been either available to beatable.

Another email is received on a Monday evening, which gives all details for any bets recommended for the week ahead.

We’ve had a strike rate of 64% on average odds of 2.08.

Profit is 26 points since we starting in mid February, based on straight 1 point. Granted, that doesn’t sound earth shatteringly wonderful, but I’ll take that level of boring consistency over a white knuckle ride any day of the week when it comes to betting.

As you can tell, I’m keen on this one and it is most certainly APPROVED. I’ve been using the selections I’m most confident in for 1/4 point multiples and have had plenty of success with those too, obviously they have no bearing on the official figures or verdict but they’ve provided a drop of gravy for the meat & spuds provided.