Day 11  (04/10/12)

Each one of the three systems is reported separately, then the portfolio as a whole:


FB system  –  one winner and one loser      –  daily profit +1.25 pts

start bank 50 pts, current bank 53.75 pts, profit/loss  +3.75 pts


NHW system – one winner   – daily profit  +7pts

start bank 50 pts, current bank 69 pts, profit/loss      +19pts


2Yr Maiden system  -one losing bet  –  daily loss    -0.5pts

start bank 60 pts, current bank 55.25 pts, profit/loss    -4.75  pts


Portfolio daily profit/loss   +7.75  pts

Portfolio start bank  160 pts

Portfolio current bank 178.0 pts

Portfolio profit/loss  +18 pts