Winning Racing Tips Final Review

As there was an ante-post selection for the Breeders Cup outstanding I have run an extended trail on this service. The selection placed last night, and as there were no other selections yesterday it is time to put this blog to bed.

This service costs £35 per month or less depending on the length of subscription you contract for. For that you get a daily email with the selections. The emails contains price and bookie data, but sometimes you have to move very quickly to get the process quoted. I do recommend using Best Price Guaranteed bookies where possible in case the price drifts out. Also, because Betting Exchange place prices can be very poor, bookies is probably the best place (no pun intended) to bet.

The results show quite a roller-coaster, from £100 down at one point to £150 up, ending the trial at £24 down. Let’s ignore the near £60 loss on the “bonus” service. The bonus bets were football bets, and I haven’t seen any for nigh on a month now.

There have been some oh-so-nearlies, where, with just an ounce more luck…! To quote from Paul’s email yesterday. “As is always the case with my service, overall results often swing one way or the other dependant on the outcome of only a handful of races … On the positive side, we are only a couple of winners away from being back on track”.

Scam this is not, however, given the loss after 43 days of testing which does not account for the cost of the subscription I cannot enthuse about this either. Overall then, NEUTRAL.

You can join Winning Racing Tips here: