Although Iain Lewington, who is the source of this service, decided like most of us to take a short rest from mailing over the holiday, he thoughtfully provided the selections for the rest of the week on Tuesday. This was a selection of Horses, Football and WDC Darts. There was an E/W bet on the King George, two football winbets and two darts winbets, all of which, unhappily, failed to deliver and this was reflected in the results.

Iain is well aware of the poor performance this month and has decided that from the 1st January he will include all the tips from the services he uses himself, in an attempt to turn the losses around and so I will include all such results for the rest of this trial. Still, results to date are what count with us, so the facts are:

Running Total -18.38 pts
Strike Rate 11.54%