I have little good news to report for this service as yet. I am certainly not going to damn a service for a couple of bad weeks, so we have to hope that things will improve. The author remains up-beat but was evidently ruffled enough by clients comments that he mailed a set of results comparisons which showed that his service was superior to several other, well-regarded services, and re-iterated his belief that this was just one of the bad patches every service experiences.

However, the facts we have are that leaving out cancellations and postponements, this week we had 6 horse back bets and two E/W bets, of which we had two place bets and one win bet up, all at odds-on, which didnt do much to alleviate the gloom. There was also a bet on Wolves over 2.5 goals but this resulted in a 2 nil scoreline, So, all I can report for this service so far is that it is 12.5pts down and the strike rate is 16.67%.