Winning Trainers 2.0 is now live.

It’s a membership service which focuses on the performance of little-known trainers, and it’s been extremely profitable since 2010.

When you register for it, you’ll also get four bonuses, including a report called 10 Racing Angles EXTRA, which is a collection of trainer- based betting systems.

It highlights those handlers whose horses run best under certain situations, and the systems in question have accrued a profit of £17,388 since 2010… to just £10 stakes.

That works out at £5,114.12 per year. Even if the bonus systems only did 20% as well as they did previously, that would still equate to
£1,022.82 clear profit.

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As well as the main service, selections for which are posted in a private members’ area, and this brilliant bonus, there are also three other bonuses, all of which are designed for your enjoyment and profit.

Knowing how much buzz there’s been around this, I expect the 400 spaces will be gone pretty fast, so go here now to see if it’s right for you.