This service targets so called Super Trainers whereby we are backing horses from twenty four of the most profitable horse racing trainers operating in the UK today. We only bet if the odds are between 6/1 and 16/1 and we are told to expect long losing runs but nice priced winners.

We started testing this service at the beginning of December and have now run it for a full four months. In the first month we ran it manually and ended the month down by 18.5 points.

At the end of December, a betting bot was provided that allowed subscribers to bet automatically. I decided to run this bot 24/7 on my virtual server and, perhaps foolishly, used real money staking £5 level stakes on each selection. I pay more attention when my own money is on it!

There were a few nice priced winners, but not enough to make a profit. In fact, the bot gradually sucked £420 out of my Betfair account over the last three months, which is another 84 points down.

This makes the total loss since December a whopping 102.5 points. In the manual it says to operate with at least a 100 point bank which would mean, in this case, we’ve gone bust.

Long losing runs are to be expected when going after long shots, but unfortunately they haven’t done much for us this winter.

I would feel better about this if a 200 point bank were recommended, as then at least I would have the confidence to continue with it, but as such I’m going to call this one.

Obviously this will have to go down as a Failed, but I shall continue to monitor the results to see how it does over the flat season. If it does well then it may well be worth another look, but definitely with a bigger bank.

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