This is a service by a chap called Ed Turner that went through a three month proofing period at Betting School during which time it made the following profits:

29 wins
23.97% Strike rate
46.81 Points Profit.
38.69% ROI
£468.10 profit at £10 stakes.

The results are to Betfair SP too, so no hunting around for ‘advised prices’.

The service is cheap as chips but they are restricting membership to 100 places to preserve the BSP prices.

I started my trial on 14th May 2014 and wound it up at the end of October 2014 so we have just under six months of testing which is sufficient to get a good idea of it’s effectiveness.

Here’s my results betting to £10 level stakes:

Bets: 658
Successful: 138
Unsuccessful: 520
Strike Rate: 21%
Avg Odds: 5.12

Profit: £206.80

To be honest, I think a profit of £206 to £10 bets after six months and 658 bets isn’t really good enough. I certainly won’t be continuing with it as it doesn’t seem worth the effort.

But it didn’t make a loss, so I’m not going to fail it, and if you add the three months results prior to my test you would be looking at £674.90 for nine months betting which isn’t bad I suppose, although again, not enough to make me want to do it, especially after the last six months.

I think it would be fair to put this in the Neutral category. If you’re looking to have some bets every day, and you don’t mind making a small profit over a long time, then this would be right up your alley.Neutral

You can try Winning Trends here: