Here’s a service by a chap called Ed Turner and I’ve signed up to it myself. It went through a three month proofing period at Betting School during which time it made the following profits:

29 wins
23.97% Strike rate
46.81 Points Profit.
38.69% ROI
£468.10 profit at £10 stakes.

The results are to Betfair SP too, so no hunting around for ‘advised prices’. I didn’t get around to signing up right away and missed out on another cracking week last week but I’m on now! Darren at Betting School has recorded a new video (short, about 5 minutes) where he will give you a FREE micro system plus more details on this service.

It’s cheap as chips too but they are restricting membership to 100 places to preserve the BSP prices so go and have a look now. I’m in!