I mentioned this free app back in March so thought you might like to know you can play this on the World Cup 2018.

This app is free to download on your phone and free to play but, incredibly, allows you to win real rewards. It’s fun too. The app has been designed by Mark Mongie who headed the team at EA Sports and made “Madden” the number one sports game in the world.

For many in the UK it’ll be the football games we’re most interested in but it also covers American football and baseball and eventually it will also have cricket, rugby, golf, and tennis etc. Essentially, you can play this solo or invite your friends to play along with you, all for free.

For football, for example, you choose a live game you wish to play and, before kickoff, the app will encourage you to make certain predictions such as who you think will win, how many goals there will be, how many shots on goal there will be, how many throws ins, and various other multiple choice questions. Next, as the game goes live, you’ll watch a couple of adverts and then at intervals in the game (half time for football) it’ll offer you further multiple choice questions such as next goal scorer, number of yellow cards, penalties etc. As the game plays out you win points depending on how accurate your predictions were and these points are converted into game tokens which can be exchanged for prizes.

You can play along in teams with friends and compete against each other, or play on your own. Either way, it’s free to download, free to play and by playing it you earn tokens that can be exchanged for real life stuff. Anything from gift vouchers, hats, t-shirts and electronics, to tickets to your favourite sports games, airline tickets, hotel stays, holidays etc… All for free.

The app is paid for by the advertisers, and for every ad you watch you get more tokens too, so there’s no down side and it should make watching your favourite sports all the more immersive.

You can download the app via the App Store or Google Play but make sure to enter this share code to get a bunch of free tokens:


Or enter your share code here