For the next month, I will be looking at the World’s Greatest NBA Betting System from The Gifting Club.

This is a subscription service, which can be purchased either on an annual basis or via a recently introduced monthly subscription. The service provides selections for three distinct Basketball systems, each with it’s own associated staking plan. Two of the systems rely on cycles of bets (so a win or loss relates only to the overall result of the cycle, not to individual games); the other system just relies on single one-off bets.

Until very recently, the Gifting Club claimed a 100% record over a 10 year period for their main system (System A), but recently they suffered two back-to-back defeats. Even so, System A remains in profit for the year so far. Systems B and C have been added recently and are still in evaluation mode, so subscribers are warned to proceed with caution and to reduce stakes accordingly.

As this is a subscription service, I will be posting the selections for all three systems after the games have been played and the results are known.