KJS Racing are a company who have created and published a number of software tools to make your access to information for the football, horse racing and greyhound markets easier.

For this review I have been trialling a piece of software for Windows called Worldwide Premier football. The website makes no grandiose claims about profitability or how you are going to become a millionaire by following their selections.. (you know the type). It is a refreshingly plain and simple web page showing the software tool in action and is very simple to install and use.
However, this is not a betting bot. You need to select the Winning Strike Rate dropdown (anything from 50-90%). Then, simply press the Load Teams button and after a moment or two , press the Auto-Scan buttton. This works through all fixtures for the next few days for the Premier League teams and shortlists only those that meet your chosen Strike rate criteria. These you can export to CSV file for review in Excel or other spreadsheet program. You place bets yourself using bookmaker or exchange of your choosing.

All quite straight forward and simple enough to understand so far. The software, whilst perhaps not the fastest response times that some of you may expect, will return the selections within a minute or two depending upon the number of selections it has to trawl through.

But, is it profitable? This is where I have been struggling in terms of how I can sum this product up without doing it a disservice.

The results the software generates will also show the Average number of Goals and also a Prediction. Quite how the prediction  is calculated I couldnt say.
More often than not, at the 70% strike rate, the predictions will be favourite and generally the win markets on Betfair have these as odds-on bets. As an example from Friday-Sunday I had 10 qualifying matches and backing all 10 of these matches – I had 7 winners …. the return overall was 1.9 points so hardly an outstanding weekend for big profits!

However, the summary of the Average Goals for the two competing teams I have found quite useful and as part of your due diligence that most of us should be  undertaking before placing a bet – perhaps this is where the information this software provides will save you the time doing the number crunching yourself each and every week. Many are familiar with Under/Overs markets and I feel that this is where you could perhaps make yourself a few quid. But to blindly back each and every selection without carrying out your own further checks, could be naieve.

Use of this software is all a question of personal choice, what may work well for one may not work so well for another.  So I am not going to be able to definitively tell you that this piece of software will make you money and I don’t think any further weeks of using it will prove anything further.

I would add that I think perhaps the software could be made even better with consideration of statistics to cover other markets too: namely Half Time/Full Time, Corners, BTTS etc. This would make it a little more rounded and perhaps likely to appeal to a broader audience.

But, what I can say is that I have found with a little extra research thrown in using Soccer Stats sites – you can’t go too far wrong using the Average Goal information sensibly to construct some profitable multiple/ triple bets (as I have done) for a low-risk alternative to single win bets and high liability lay bets.

So, if you are prepared to use the summary information provided by Worldwide Premier Football in your quest to find profitable betting opportunities – at £19.99 for a years licence could be the best 20 quid you spend in 2015. (I more than doubled the cost of this on my first triple bet!)

On this basis Worldwide Premier Football has to be Approved.Approved2

You can get Worldwide Premier Football here: