This is one of the latest staking systems developed by Winningmore, AKA Steve Davidson and his coder Michael. We go back a long way (decades now!) and I always look at their projects with interest, and they have many. Importantly for me, this project, as with the majority they publish and sell, is usable on the exchanges. I no longer accept bookie-only gigs unless there is are realistic loopholes.


If you had 12 losing bets in a row, on 2-1 odds selections, would your bank be OK?

Some will say NO, others will say of course.

Using a 500 bank over 50 bets, winning only 15 and having 35 losses including 12 in a row, X Factor still made 56.5 points profit.

This is a Windows based staking software, with great staking and easy to use interface.

Originally designed for bets around 2-1 (3.00) originally for Football. However, this works well with Horses, Dogs, Sports and Casino and varied odds.

Using the Bank To a Solid and Full Effort.

With X Factor Staking, it looks at getting the best return with the least possible risk. Some methods will have you betting 1% of the bank, great, but you have a lot of money not working.

And why so little staking from the bank?

Because we try to preserve it from the inevitable losing streak, that we all know is coming – just not when.
X Factor staking is designed to get the very best return from the bank and preserve it at the same time, from the losing streaks.

Let’s look at a little of the maths for the staking (we will not expose all the secrets here).

The X Factor Staking plan was devised with two purposes in mind:

1) To defeat the long losing run which is the stumbling block of many systems (Winter).

2) To enable higher stakes than were previously used to be placed to play up winners and winning runs (Summer) in the knowledge that the long losing run would not cause the system to fail.

In a way the theories of the plan can be likened to the old saying ‘Make hay while the sun shines but save for a rainy day’. There are many, many staking plans which are used with systems to boost profits or to turn level stakes losses into winnings.

Most are dangerous – things go well for a time and then the inevitable long losing run occurs to take any previously accrued profits and the operating bank and the system is dead, showing big losses.

Probably the most dangerous staking plan is the ‘doubling up’ system. Work it out for yourself – start with one point and double it up a further nine times. You will find that the tenth stake required will be 512 points and the total loss after the tenth consecutive loser would be 1023 points.

Simple progressive plans such as 1,2,3,4 etc. or 1-2-2-3-3 etc. are less dangerous, but a winner after losers may not be enough to cover previous losses, and a long losing run could still cause problems.

An important consideration in deciding which staking plan to use with your system is pattern of results combined with the average starting price odds (SP) the system produces.

For instance, do you get regular winners, but at short prices (maybe a ‘favourites’-based system) or do you get a smaller ratio of winners but at bigger prices or is it somewhere in between. For example, maybe you are looking for winners at say, around 10-1.

You will get some, but they will be few and far between and I can assure you long losing runs will be regular and VERY LONG.

Application of the ‘X Factor Staking Plan’

To illustrate how the ‘X Factor Staking’ rules apply, I will use the ‘Retrieve Staking Plan’ (explained in the manual within the software) but can I stress that the principles of the X Factor Staking rules can be applied to most staking plans.

I have used a fictitious set of 50 consecutive results. There are 15 winners and 35 losers, the average price used throughout is 2–1 (So this would probably be a ‘favourites’-based system)and there is a consecutive losing run of 12 between bets 34 and 45.

The sequence of 50 bets would show a level stake loss so I have not used a particularly favourable set of results.

Considering that the price of 2-1 (3.00) is fairly short, a consecutive losing run of twelve should not happen too often – if it does, the selection method is wrong and should be abandoned.

Remember also that any betting system should use an ‘operating bank’ – in my examples the bank is 500 points. Using the basic ‘Retrieve Staking Plan’ the whole bank is LOST after bet No. 45.

Whereas by using the ‘X Factor Staking’ rules, the system carries on successfully through to bet No. 50, the whole of the operating bank is intact and a profit of 56.5 points has been made- and this from a fairly poor set of results.

That is a 556 unit difference between a Retrieval staking plan and the X Factor.

I stress that in both cases the operating bank is exactly the same – 500 points. I am not asking you to use a higher bank to operate my plan.

In fairness to the creator (Johnny) and clients that purchase, I will not go into the actual staking details (you will see the complete manual in the software).


I ran a live test on this, with my own horse racing selections. I was picking mostly favourites, and tried to keep above even money odds, with a few exceptions. I backed 319 horses to win only on Betfair over a period of five months, so on average just over two bets every day.

BETS: 319 WINNERS: 138 LOSERS: 181

That’s a strike rate of 43%, not too shabby if I say so myself. With level staking, I would have made 26 points profit.




ROI: 8.1%

So, using this software, I made 131 points more than I would have made using level staking.


In conclusion, the extra profit made using this staking plan is significant. I am risk averse by nature and, for me, the negative which would be jumping out of the page in my review, would be that largest stake of 29.5 points. That losing run of 9 set me back 63 points altogether, and in fact, that came immediately after the highest point of the trial, where I was 202 points in profit. But the staking never got to the ‘throwing in the towel’ stage, which is a common response from me when things aren’t going well, because the algorithm of the software doesn’t just make cumulative loss recovery to take you out of the game.

I would recommend this software, with the proviso that you need to take a long term cumulative view. It was a very gradual climb to those 157 points of profit, but a sure one.

You can get X Factor Staking here: