Back in April the very first Yield Farm Expert bootcamp took place in London in which delegates were taught how to generate high yields with relatively low risk.

The crypto world seems to be losing it’s shirt this year with $2 trillion lost and over 72 of the top 100 tokens losing more than 90% of their value. Even so, his flagship strategy which produces around 6% per month in the “usual” market conditions still produced a profit of 2.8% in June!

The course actually runs over a 12 month period with the initial bootcamp teaching you Lee’s “blueprint” followed by 12 monthly zoom calls in which Lee helps you out personally with any questions or issues you have but, more importantly, gives you even more strategies to add to your arsenal.

Last months update call included an amazing new strategy that is 100% passive, fully automated yet produces returns over the year in excess of 200%…!

Lee’s next available physical bootcamp is in Birmingham on 15th October, however, if you can’t wait that long then he is also running a remote bootcamp via Zoom this Saturday.

You get exactly the same content, just without the pastries.

In person events tend to be more fun as you get to meet like minded individuals but you’ll learn exactly the same stuff on his home study course so if this is something that interests you then head on over to the Yield Farm Expert website and book yourself in.

You can also contact Lee via the website and he is more than happy to speak to you directly over the phone or via chat or email to help you decide if this is for you before making any committment.

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