Last week I told you about an upcoming seminar hosted by Lee Merrit in which he will teach a small group of people exactly how to make high yield returns with “Yield Farming” for little to no risk.

On the seminar attendees will learn six specific low risk strategies that return in the region of 20% pa, up to 200% pa or even more, for very low risk. In fact one strategy, that averages between 100%-200% pa, is almost entirely risk free.

What makes this course different from other platforms that offer similar returns?

The risk! Most platforms that offer high returns in the crypto space come with high risk. Of course, we all know about de-risking our investments at the earliest opportunity, and spreading our risk over a portfolio of investments, that’s all perfectly fine. But your funds are often locked in for six months to a year over which time there is always the risk of total loss.

What Lee teaches is completely different. He teaches you how to make these high returns with very low to almost zero risk and, even better, with instant access to your funds. No lock in period whatsoever. Just by clicking a button your funds are back in your wallet in about three seconds.

Sounds great, right? So how much is he going to charge for this seminar?

Well, here’s the deal. Since this will be his very first seminar, he currently doesn’t have any of the usual testimonials you see on websites that advertise educational seminars like these and he’s not in the business of making up testimonials as other sites may do.

Lee is extremely confident that following the first seminar he will receive a barrage of positive testimonials that he can use on is website going forwards, and so he is going to offer a MASSIVE discount for those that manage to get in on the first one.

He is running a series of free webinars starting this Tuesday at 7pm in which he will explain what he does and give you the opportinity to ask him any questions. There are only 100 places on each webinar so if this is of interest to you then register now and make sure you’re on time as there has been a HUGE amount of interest in this.

And there are only 40 places available on the seminar which will be sold on a first come, first served basis, following the webinar. Lee will reveal his exceptional offer on the webinar this Tuesday 15th February at 7pm GMT.

If you don’t manage to get on, Lee will be running another one next week but of course there is a chance all the seminar seats will have been reserved at the massively discounted rate by then.

If you haven’t seen it already, I have a video of an interview I did with Lee here.

And for more information and to register for the free webinar, go here:

Yield Farm Expert