Yield Nodes is a passive income opportunity that pays an incredible 5%-15% returns per month. Unlike most strategies we review, this doesn’t involve putting funds at risk in trading bots, or betting systems. Instead, this produces an income through Masternoding!

Masternoding is like Bitcoin mining was five years ago. It involves running computer servers that perform functions on a blockchain in return for which the masternode earns revenue as a reward for its efforts. If its done right, it can earn a lot of money, and Yieldnodes run 1400 servers over 14 different cryptocurrencies.

You can participate in this by renting a share of the servers and receiving a share of the rewards, and I really like what Yieldnodes are offering here.

I managed to interview the CEO of Yield Nodes and you can view that here:

You can try Yield Nodes here

You can contact the Steve, the CEO of Yield Nodes, directly here:

skype: steve25m

or whatsapp: +35699957217